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Using deep in the money, 2 month’s out options, I find you 80%- 100% GAINERs all month long, year in and year out! The bread and butter trades gain 30%, and every 4 month’s or so, market conditions are just right, and I find a string of 300% gainers….
stop outs typically are set to -15 to -30%, and happen 2 to 5 times per 25 to 30 trades. Other than that, I post mostly winning trades. It’s virtually impossible to blow up your account, following my trades.



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What will you learn in Zstock’s Superstar Premium Site?


  • Find profitable stocks that can DOUBLE, , your account over time.
  • Save up to 100% of your time from finding and picking profitable stocks.
  • Step by step, easy to learn, trading strategies from basic to advance.
  • Advance lessons include Turning $10k into a cool, $1/4 million… This is a fascinating trading style, you will want to learn.
  • You will learn how to read stock charts and apply technical analysis to predict stock trends.
  • How to identify the best stocks to add to your watchlist.
  • How to maximize your trading profit and cut losses quickly.
  • How to trade seasonal stocks.
  • How to use multiple technical indicators to make better trading decisions.
  • How to trade with the trend, and not against it.
  • How to calculate support and resistance to trade stocks at optimal levels. Leave emotions out of it.
  • How to use different exit strategies during various situations.
  • How to create your own trading methods and backtest it.
  • Best of all, you will graduate, with a solid method that produces income, year after year

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The Daily Picks Will Make You Money!–
Every trading detail is posted in the Plus Premium site.

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winners Superstar

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1. When is the trend going to change. I show you that indicator, and how to use it.
2. Why are changes in eps, so important to the future of the stock price? I explain that.
3. How high or low will the S and P go next Quarter. I teach you how to calculate that, and where to find the inputs to calculate it.
With just these three items, you will trade, so much more confidently, I can’t describe it!
Many Folks in my Paid site, have gone on to graduate! They run their own Hedge Funds!

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